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Marcia Ouazzia

Ceres Unified School District
Assistive Technology Specialist (TOSA)
As an Assistive Technology (AT) Specialist I work with teams across my district to implement technology that helps students with identified disabilities access their curriculum and discover the power of their words. The Assistive Technology that our students utilize range from light-tech resources to high-tech tools, which includes Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices, adaptive equipment, applications, and extensions.

Prior to becoming an AT Specialist I worked as a Resource Specialist.  When I reflect on my teaching career I can see that there has always been a strong link between technology and my teaching practice. I used a variety of EdTech tools to increase student engagement, inform my teaching, support students in all areas, increase rigor in the classroom, monitor student progress, give students feedback in real time, collaborate with colleagues, and communicate with parents and guardians. Incorporating innovative ways to execute my teaching practice made me a more efficient and effective educator. More importantly, it promoted inclusion for my students by identifying their unique needs and providing for their diverse learning styles.