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Kate Hay

San Francisco, CA
Piper was founded in 2014 with a simple vision: to create experiences around learning with technology that are hands-on, effective, and fun.

It was our customers who brought Piper to life, with a successful Kickstarter campaign which got us started. Since then, Piper has grown into an award-winning EdTech company based in San Francisco, CA committed to providing quality STEAM educational opportunities to students around the globe.

But Piper is not just about learning the basics of computer science and electrical engineering (although we do that really well). In our view, the most valuable part of what we've created here at Piper is a tool which gives kids a sense of what is possible with technology—a skill which will be useful in any future career, computer science related or not.

By bringing together something kids love—playing the Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft—with building gadgets, we've created an experience an experience which builds kids' confidence in approaching science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.